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We operate a prompt Industrial pick up service to business supporting a bin system ranging from small forklift-able bins to large hook lift bins for larger volumes of material. We also provide flat top transport for bulk material on pallets, baled material and other large items.


Prompt Industrial Pick Up Service

Cooke’s Metal Recyclers have a complete range of scrap bins for the collection and removal of scrap metal from factories and industrial premises. If you have a sizeable quantity of scrap metal and the need for removal, we have a bin to fit your requirements - whether it is on a regular pick-up schedule; an ‘as needed’ basis or just a one-off.
Cooke’s Metal Industrial Bins are the best way to minimise company waste disposal costs and increase the efficiency of your industrial operations. 
Call us to arrange a customized bin service today.


We are Buyers and Recyclers of All Scrap Metals

  • Copper - Pipe, Cable, Sheet, Coils, Solids
  • Insulated Cables – All Electrical, Telecommunications, Automotive
  • Aluminum –  Extrusions, Sheet, Castings, Wheel Rims, Cables, Lithographic sheet and Cans
  • Brass , Bronze, Gunmetal
  • Lead Sheet, Pipe and Solids
  • Transformers Large and Small
  • Electric Motors
  • Radiators
  • Air Conditioning Components
  • Stainless Steel
  • Scrap Steel
  • White Goods
  • UPS Systems
  • Batteries Strapped on Hardwood Pallets
  • Engines and Transmissions – NO OILS / OIL MUST BE REMOVED
  • Sealed Units – NO OILS / OIL MUST BE REMOVED
  • Obsolete and surplus equipment and machinery


Trading Hours

For deliveries and trading hours.

Please call 0402 032 635

**Closed all Public Holidays and Long Weekends** 

Prompt Industrial Pick Up Service
Buyers and Recyclers of All Scrap Metals
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