What metals do you buy?

We buy all scrap metals

  • Ferrous Metals – Steel
  • Non Ferrous Metals (Not containing iron or steel) – Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Lead, Zinc Etc

Please see our gallery for samples of metals we purchase.


What is the value of the metals?

Scrap metal prices derive from base metal commodities markets traded day and night around the world. As a result, metal prices rise and fall constantly and can sometimes be extremely volatile.


How do I know how much I have?

All scrap metals are purchased by weight on our trade approved scales.


How do I tell if my metal is steel or something else?

Use a magnet to test your metal. Steel is magnetic and attracts a magnet. Non Ferrous Metals can be quite complex for someone with no experience. Digital photos sent to us via email can often resolve most questions or alternatively bring us in a sample


What items don't you buy or accept?

  • Unsorted loads – Loads must be sorted before arrival – NO SORTING AT OUR SITE
  • Loose Batteries
  • Gas Bottles
  • Metals contaminated with rubbish or waste
  • Metals, Components or Machinery containing any liquids or oils
  • Sealed Units containing liquids or oils
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